A Research Article Written By Nilanjana B. Nath & Bidhan C. Patra:

The present paper deals with the effect of lead nitrate on the gonads and the gonadal development of common Indian catfish, Clarias batrachus (L.). It has been observed that the Gonadosomatic Index of both male and female were reduced significantly in case of lead treated fish. A great increase of primary (nonyolky) oocytes was observed in the treated ovary. Mature oocytes were totally disappeared and atretic follicles were found. Whereas, control ovary had fully mature vitellogenic stage IV oocytes. The lead-treated testis was completely devoid of spermatids and mature sperms. Cells of vas deferens were crumpled often with inter-cellular spaces having irregular nuclei. All the cross-sections of the control testis were occupied by the sperms that filled several tubules. Summarily, it can be concluded that Lead nitrate has severe adverse impacts on gonadal development showing biochemical alterations.

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