A Research Article Written By Arijit Singha & Braja G Bag:

Bixins, a natural carotenoid pigment, extracted from annatto seed (Bixa orellana) have a great commercial application in food, textile, leather, and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. In order to extract bixin from annatto seed, a magnetic stirring of seeds weighing 4.2 g in ethyl acetate, evaporation, and column chromatography of crude pigments using a mixture of ethyl acetate and dichloromethane (3:7) as eluent accompanied with 1H NMR, GC-MS, UV-spectrophotometric and Fluorescence spectroscopic analysis resulted that the crude solid extract contained 32.1% of bixin. This low percent due to the low performance of column extraction. Extraction methods will be explored cautiously for 100% pigment extraction and purification.

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