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International Journal of Environmental and Technological Sciences (iJETs) started in the year 2015 and is a peer-reviewed, scholarly, multidisciplinary half-yearly Open Access Research Journal.

The iJETs aims to promote and disseminate the innovation and technology of science to the practical worlds for opening the human mind which is important for the sustainable development of the earth’s planet.

iJETs recognize its relevance to the next generations of researchers. Knowing the full journey of a topic, from the start, is a current and a future asset within the research life cycle.

Submissions for Articles, Reviews and Perspectives must be submitted via our online submission system. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your submission proceeds smoothly.


The Special Issue will cover original research articles, comprehensive and critical reviews from advanced technologies to achieve environmental sustainability. The use of engineering and technological approaches involving chemical, biological systems, microbial technological, biotechnological tools, and methods for shaping the future in achieving environmental sustainability will be discussed in this Special Issue.